S.U.R.G.E. Stand United Reaching Going Exceeding

Apostolic Pentecostal Youth

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Woke up with this song on my heart

Ezekiel said he saw Him,As wheel in the middle of the wheel. 
John talked about Him In the book of the seven seals. Some say rose of  Sharon
Others the prince of peace.But I call him Jesus my rock.  I Know He wont deny me, He is always walking by me. I call him Jesus my rock. I can call my rock in the morning, I can call him late at night, He will always hear me and ALL my battles fight, seek and ye shall find him, open the door with a knock, and you can call him Jesus your rock!

Life Groups

Our church has an active Youth Group, Sunday School, and Bible Quizzing teams.  We also have single adult functions, older adult functions, and a Ladies Ministries.  We try to be involved in the community and sharing the Word of God. 

Our History

      In the year 1974, God began to lead a family in Fort Scott to the fullness of the Truth.  They had steeped in the traditions of the Catholic church.  Two of the sisters were nuns.  As God began to deal with them, they fasted and prayed .  They received the Holy Ghost and were wanting someone to come baptize them in the name of Jesus.  By August of 1974, there were many of the family members that wanted to be baptized.  Bro. Godair said he would baptize them.  When the people of the city found out he was coming, someone called him and told him that if he came he would be killed.  Bro. Godair trusted God and came to Fort Scott.  Bro. Godair baptized 19 members of the family at that time.  Later, one of the members donated the land for the church building. They had the ground breaking for the church in Sept. 1974.  When they completed the church, God had blessed so much that the church was built debt free.  Today the church continues to grow with about 55 members.  God truly is good.  Many of the original family members have gone on to be with the Lord.  However, we are truly blessed to still have some among our congregation.  It is so wonderful to hear them testify of what God has done over the years.