A Time For Self Evaluation

Yesterday the sermons were along the line of evaluating our relationship with God and our relationship with our brother. As I look back, I can see some times that I failed in both situations and times I succeeded in both situations, as well as most people. I can also see the grace and mercy of God in all cases. He has never failed me nor failed to forgive me. I can see the growth He has allowed to happen. If He hadn't had mercy on me when I failed, I wouldn't be where I am today. I need to show the same mercy to my brother. I know I can't expect mercy from those outside the church so I need to take more care in how I represent myself to them. I want them to see Jesus when they see me. I don't want them to see an upset, frustrated crazy woman. I pray that He will help me to reach out more and share the mercy and love of Jesus to my brother and others.