Workers With A Kind Word

God has blessed us with that aren't on the platform singing, playing an instrument, or preaching. They aren't teaching a Sunday School class or Youth Group. Not that those things aren't wonderful, because they are. The people I am talking about are the ones that aren't in the spotlight. These are the ones that remember your birthday with a card specially for you. They are there with an incouraging word when you need it the most. They aren't too busy to stop by and have a cup of coffee with a shut-in. They know the importance of a smile in the middle of a stormy time. These people can brighten the day with just the sound of their voice because you know it is genuine. So even though you may not have the talent to be on the platform or the ability to teach, remember, you have the ability to smile and share a well needed word of encouragement. I just want to thank those people and let them know how much they truly are needed in the body of Christ.