Donna Roberts Healing

From Sis. Donna Roberts:

On August 20, I was very ill. I had been ill off and on since the deaths of my husband, mother, and best friend. I became fearful for my own life at that point. In March, I had some laser surgery that went horribly wrong. As a result, I totally lost vision in my right eye. I was told the eye looked bloody and was beginning to swell from time to time and was in fact quite painful. I was staying nauseated from the pain and unable to eat on Saturday afternoon. I became desperate. I felt like God wanted me to call Brother Hillhouse and ask for prayer. I did not want to do this but knew that I would continue to be very ill unless I did. I called Brother Hillhouse and asked for prayer. While on the phone, he felt an urge to ask me to come to Fort Scott the next day. I was taken aback and argued with God about going as I still felt too sick. I also felt that God was asking me to take a step forward before He would take a step to help me. On Sunday morning, we arrived at church late. However, the sermon seemed to be talking to me that morning. I prayed through for the first time in over ten years. Brother Hillhouse also had the church pray for my eyesight. As we went back to the hotel after lunch, I immediately fell asleep without the aid of medication. That evening the visiting minister spoke about some of the very same things that we had discussed at lunch. Reminding me that God was that Mighty Rock that I could go to. That evening I was again prayed for. I went to the hotel that night and my sons asked me how I felt. I told them good and asked why. They then told me that the swelling had gone down along with the black and the pools of blood in my eyes were pretty much gone. I have since gone back to the doctors and pressure is dropping slowly but surely just as it needs to. Thank You Jesus!