Bankrupt and Void, I Think Not

Just as Martin Luther King Jr. so powerfully stated in his wonderful speech "The banks of justice are not bankrupt". He then stated something to the effect the checks for freedom will not return VOID. I am here to tell you in the Spirit that is above every spirit that the banks of spiritual freedom are not bankrupt. Every check (spiritually) of prayer, fasting reading the word of God will not return VOID!! God is not a man that He should lie. His word is forever settled in Heaven. What ever the Lord has set in motion in your life, whatever it could be you are going through, God's love, mercy, joy, shelter, is not bankrupt. The bible also teaches us that our God owns cattle on a thousand hills. Our God's mercy is renewed each morning. His precious blood will NEVER loose its power. Keep your head lifted high our God is the only powerful one and beside Him there is none!! Let God continue to move never give up on your prayer, dream, calling. God will never start you on something and not continue to equip you with what you need to finish the calling. Trust God He has not and will NEVER loose His power. Just as HE brought the children of Isreal through the Red Sea and out of Egypt, and Daniel out of the den of lions. Rahab out of the battle at Jericho and many other accounts, the bank of Spiritual Freedom did not return checks VOID. If you will; VOID sorry I have no strength to part the Red Sea so you will die here, VOID no power to bring Daniel out of the den of lions. Void sorry Rahab, but my strength ran out when the walls fell. NO, my friend it was at those moments God's power shown the brightest and strongest. When you begin to feel week and powerless just remember God will Never loose His power. In every situation ask yourself Bankrupt and Void? always answer with this answer I THINK NOT!!! Sister Harrell