Being Used of God

Being used of God is the greatest thing that could happen to anyone. He has blessed us with skills and talents to be used in his kingdom. He has also used these talents of mine to be used to witness to others, for example, I love to play the drums. I can't tell if its the music or just the little kid inside of me that still likes to hit things, but if I hear someone singing my mind begins to focus on the beat. Two weeks ago, in my Criminal Justice college class, this girl sitting behind me started humming to a song I knew. I gently started a beat with my feet, a pencil and note-book to gradually build up for her to notice. As my beat grew louder so did her humming, funny thing is that she didn't notice. Eventually it got to the point the Whole class was looking at us. she Finally realized what was going on and turned as red as an apple, and stopped then she begain to laugh looking at me. Everyone clapped and cheered and she asked me where I learned to play a rythum like that out of now where. I responded, from occasionally playing drums at my church. I gave her a church card and told her to stop by sometime. Instances like this occur all the time, God blessed us all with something, Its our job to go out and use it to glorify him and save souls along the way.