Being Fed

God is so wonderful to us. I can't wait to hear the word of God tonight. Each time I miss, I really miss something. It's like I am not being fed. We are His children and He has prepared a table for us to eat. Even when I am attend service somewhere else, I can't wait to get home (the church God has led me to) and eat some home cooking. I may enjoy a dinner elsewhere once in a while but it is...never as nourishing as the one I receive at home. My pastor always seeks the will of God for us. I thank God for him because he is not afraid to preach the Truth. God led me to the Truth and where He leads me I will follow. I will not seek after those that are going to satisfy my hearing. I will only seek those that will satisfy my soul and preach whats best for me according to the Word of God. TRUTH will get me to closer to God! Thank you Jesus for a pastor that preaches truth.